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    Award winning illustrator, seasoned comic artist, character designer, concept artist, sculptor.
The Art of 1000tentacles

Below are the illustrations I did, for comissioned projects and also some of these are from my art books, Twisted Mind of 1000Tentacles and Astro Cityzen.  I hope you enjoy the works and besides painting, I sculpt too.  Sculpting is one of my passion.

For more of my work, pls visit: www.1000tentacles.com  and  http://behind1000tentacles.blogspot.com
Facebook: Behind Tentacles

Anyone interested in getting my art books, can contact me at:
pkok@1000tentacles.com OR pkokartz@yahoo.com

Happy Painting!
My Childhood.  Cover for Popcorn magazine.
Bailed Out!
Siamese Twins.
TV Virus.
Monsters Attack!
Monsters Migration.
My Playground.
In The Season.
The Merchant.
Sky High.
Looking For A Direction.

, my latest art book.  It is in hardcover, uvspot and with nice emboss effect on cover.  Overall, it is a combination of my comics, illustrations, sculpture photos and 3d works.
Hope you enjoy the youtube clip. 

Interested in getting a copy, drop me a mail.

Thanks and happy painting!
Autographed and sketched for my reader :)

Interested in getting Twisted Mind of 1000Tentacles, pls email me at:
pkok@1000tentacles.com OR pkokartz@yahoo.com

Happy Painting!
Dum Dum Parade, I call this peice.  Done in Photoshop, 3 1/2 days.  Part of my art book, Astro Cityzen.
Photoshop, 3 days for the rendering.  Part of my art book, Astro Cityzen ;)
Sashimee Time!
Head Hunter on the street!
The beauty of Reborn.