One of the most significant achievement for me was definitely how our MaGIC Culture Book came up. In 2015, I went straight away to our CEO after team meeting, with all the references prepared, I gave her my elevator pitch. I believe that was one of the most exciting discussion we’ve ever had. There were moments through out the hectic schedule, it felt impossible to complete this. 

Our unique culture attributes to our growth and success. It’s vital to continue to strive and cultivate a workplace culture that makes work feels good and less like a job. This initiative is more like having a compass with values attached. The guiding idea here is ‘IMPACT’— to maximise as much positive impact as possible to ourselves, towards each other and wherever we may go. There are always imperfections, but to create legacies that goes beyond, is always the mission, the big picture.

From 'let’s do this' to 'we made it’, I’ld like to thank Cheryl Yeoh for her input and time despite her zombified schedule, Jen-Lin Wong for staying up late and tolerate with my noob copywriting, always there to help Nishreen Ali & Adrienne Hui Eng Tan, supportive VP's Hazel & Aditya, assuring quality Reshmi Haran, constant pep-talk Razlan Hanafiah and last but never the least to each MaGICians who inspires me overtime, everytime.

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