I had the pleasure to be commissioned to design the 25th anniversary edition magazine for world renowned "New World School of the Arts" based in Miami. The issue features an eclectic mix of current and seasoned artists, faculty, parents, supporters and alumni who paved the way over 25 years and different events and programs from the school. The goal was to create an open layout that maintains a good structure for the reader through out its 66 pages by facilitating a smooth transitional flow while experimenting with layout and the interpretation of its editorial content. The Magazine cover has a 2" squared die cut that gives reference to the number 25. The four artistic divisions were divided by creating three-page folded sec­tions that featured full-page photography and highlighted factoids through typography. The Magazine is printed locally and published annually in digital and printed format. It has a general scope, a regional focus and it covers a wide range of stories that are meant to inform, inspire and entertain. The piece is also used as a recruitment tool and to brand NWSA nationally and internationally.

New World School of the Arts was created as a center for excellence in the visual and performing arts and it provides a comprehensive educational program of artistic training, academic and creative development, and preparation for professional careers in the arts. New World School of the Arts is an accredited institutional member of the National Association of Schools of Dance, Music, Theater and Art and Design.