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A Poster for Gerard Grisey's Vortex Temporum. A work on visual interpretation in a workshop with Stephen Doyle.

As musicians tuning their instrument before playing a piece, I experimented with the idea of visually "tuning" the poster paper media. A string would play a spectrum of sound and will play in a kind of scale with certain symmetric mathematical division of length. With the similar nature I tuned the base working grids of the paper and I creased for visual pitch. After the frame grids of scale were set I composed some diagonal creased to see the idea of spectral range in 2 dimensional paper landscape, from there the fun to play with my visual instrument for Grisey poster began.
The initial visual grid "tuning" of paper/media based on a piece of string in an instrument
a further grid "tuning" exploration 
the creased based on a linear tuning 

creased and color tuning scale for the visual composition
digitalized version
the rest are iterations and play