The CABINS Concept
For the 7th Architectural Visualization Challenge on RONENBEKERMAN.COM Blog

Leading up to the challenge launch, I developed the CABINS concept as if I am participating in the challenge. The visuals made are to be used for art showcasing and promoting the challenge as well as an inspiration piece for the participants.

The cabin is simple and was done in SketchUp. All else was done with Lumion8 + Photoshop. Not too much of it... My goal was to learn how much I can do inside Lumion.

I hope you like!

The challenge is closing by April 30. There is a lot to see by now...

You can also...

I have recently added an animation cut rendered with Lumion 8.3
My Inspiration
The Meteora Rock Formation in Greece
Sketching it out...
Good old pen & paper

After a few rounds I came up with something I like as you see below. Using the good old pen & paper to quickly run through several ideas.
Next stage was to translate that into a 3d model. For that I use SketchUp.
I further developed the concept based on one of these views...
The Visuals
Done using Lumion8

I'll jump right into it and show you all the images I produced for this concept. Please let me know what you think in the comment section below.

CABINS in the mist
CABINS from a distance
CABINS in the sun
CABINS peeking
CABINS approach
CABINS snowy approach
As Lumion 9 came out, I've retested the Snow capability which looks MUCH BETTER! 
And in motion too... not so visible here, but the trees do block snow flakes (and rain).
The images below are all from the same vantage point, exploring various moods. The last image being the one selected as the hero image for the CABINS challenge.
CABINS misty lookup
CABINS misty sunrise
CABINS misty sunrise / B&W
CABINS in the moon - the hero image for the challenge
Thank you for taking a look!

Hope to see you in the challenge...



Conceptual prefab cabin design and 3d architectural visualization & rendering for a challenge on