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    The HP Elitebook is HP's premium business line laptop.
The HP Elitebook was HP's premium business line laptop.  It is the workhorse that gets everything you need done and more.  The solid aluminum and magnesium construction creates an elegant enclosure that any businessman would be proud to have on his desk.
Construction of the 2011 HP Elitebook consisted of a deep draw aluminum stamped case with a magnesium substructure.  This created an extremely rigid enclosure that withstood military spec testing and enabled HP to give a 3 year warranty.
The hinge of the Elitebook was an extruded aluminum piece that was CNC'd.

The entire bottom was a door that allowed ease access to all components through a slide of a button.  This bypassed the usual cumbersome screws that would take forever to remove and had the potential to be easily lost.