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    HP Sauce Best of Britain.
The Problem: HP Sauce is an iconic staple of most British homes. But many Australians have little or no understanding of what it is, what it tastes like, how you use it, or even what ‘HP’ actually stands for. 
The Idea: To tell the story of HP Sauce in a memorable way, we tapped into something Aussies love – poking fun at the Poms. This cheeky campaign celebrates the worst things to come out of Britain, while offering a royal nod to one of its finest, positioning HP Sauce as ‘The Best Thing To Come Out Of Britain Since Forever'. 
The Results: Booklets were distributed targeting places where HP Sauce is sold or served, as a condiment to stimulate conversation and trial, with sales of HP sauce immediately soaring. 

HP ‘Best of Britain’ was recognised at many international creative shows including D&AD, AWARD and locally at MADC.