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    Member profiles publication for the Local Initiatives Support Corporation
The Local Initiatives Support Corporation, known as LISC, is one of the largest organizations supporting projects to revitalize communities and bring greater economic opportunity to residents. These include more affordable housing, better schools, safer streets, growing businesses and programs that improve the financial outlook of people. We provide the capital, strategy, and know-how to local partners to get this done. Our work impacts 7 million low-income Americans in both rural areas and urban centers across the country.

We are extremely proud to have worked on the 2016-2017 Member Profiles editorial design. Inside the publication, you are able to read on the experiences of the members of LISC as they take on a journey towards community development. The amazing photography and member quotes communicate the development of leadership and the hard work the members of LISC undertake to impact the progress of people and places.

We hope you enjoy our project!