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    Shoes designed for NBA star, Stephon Marbury.
Starbury 1
The Starbury 1 is a basketball shoe designed for NBA star, Stephon Marbury. Stephon wanted the shoe to be accessible to children of all income levels so he retails the shoe for $15. It has the same build construction as much more expensive shoes like Nike. The shoe sold out everywhere in the first three days and sold over 2 million pair in the first two months. Stephon wore the same $15 shoes that retail in stores the entire season. The Starbury 1's were available in multiple colorways, Stephon wore his team colors.
Starbury 2
The successor to the Starbury 1, the Starbury 2 took what made the 1 successful and built in significant improvements brought out throughout the season played by Stephon Marbury. The shank in the outsole was made of stiffer plastic to give more arch support. The collar of the shoe was brought lower so that the shoe could become lighter and cuts to the basket made easier to more free range of foot movement. More breatheability was brought into the shoe through more mesh inserts in the shoe tongue. Lateral strength more secure quick cuts was given through strategic synthetic layer placement and the outsole wrapping up the sides. An EVA heel cup was added to secure the heel to the shoe.