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    Creer es is a voting campaign designed to increase voter turnout of Hispanic-Americans in Virginia.
Just before the 2012 elections, a group of Corcoran students have launched a game-changing ‘get out the vote’ campaign, Creer Es. A completely non-partisan and student-run campaign, Creer Es is Spanish for “to believe is.” We aim to encourage and empower citizens by talking about beliefs, community, family and how they relateto voting.

“Creer Es”, or “to believe is” , is positioned within a speech bubble, with space underneath for our audience to share what they believe. Our tagline, “join our conversation,” appears above the wordmark as a call to action, encouraging our audience to participate in the campaign. We use a bilingual approach for our campaign, because of this, our logomark appears in Spanish and our logotype appears in English, reflecting both languages within the brand and expressing the multicultural aspect of our concept.

This project was collarborated on with several other Corcoran design students, Allison, Ricardo, Travis, Keziah, and Maggie. My responsibility was to design the mobile application which allowed one to share what they believe through images and doodles and promoting the one plus one aspect of the campaign.

Designed for the Corcoran College of Art & Design, in Junior Studio 2012.