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    "Casa Okupada Casa Encantada"show
This was my last show back in PThis was &nbThis was my last show back in PThis was  my last show back in Portugal during the summer in August titled of "Casa Okupada Casa Encantad " where is presented a clear and direct message about things that have been a huge influence for my work. Underground cultures like the punk/hardcore scene, skateboarding, religion, "loud" music or even mythology . Using the space as part of the show I tried to capture the environment of the streets and the abandoned houses that are ocupied for different purposes mainly by painting them with interventive messages or images related with bands that are easily introduced in this specific context. My point was to create a space that could show and make the viewers feel that people should get out of the patterns created by the system and the human race and see that there's other ways of living and feel happy with that. 
 For the show I have chosen some of the works that I did until today. Finally, we also had the lucky to count with the presence of the Band from Vale de Cambra Lululemon and their Californian Rock. Check their facebook page: www.facebook.com/thelululemon?v=wall
Hope you enjoy it, and a huge thanks to everyone that somehow helped me on this show.