Art Direction: Susanne Morton and Marcus Williamson
Designer: Susanne Morton and Marcus Williamson
Project Manager: Emily Corum
Printer: University Printing
Client: Fresh Food Company
Photographer: Joseph A. Spencer

We had the privilege of working with the Fresh Food Company to design the graphics in the inside of the newest dining hall, Stokely Hall. There were a lot of moving parts, but we were able to meet our deadline of the Orange and White game where UT cut the ribbon so to speak of the building. 

Before we originally got in Stokely there were so many blank walls, which was a little intimidating at first and when it came to wayfinding, well let's just say it wasn't good. 
After a good bit of planning and researching, we started to gain some traction and got everything approved for the most part on the first try. We ended up splitting things up into 3 phases, with the third and final phase being after the Orange and White game. 

Working alongside Susanne I think we accomplished everything we set out to do. With look and feel as well as it being functional for students. I believe we were able to give something that was really suited for Stokely and something that our University can be proud of. 
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