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    THN is a new online TV Chanel of news, counted by and for kids.

Tiny Huge News is a creative media workshop created by Dodo Laboratory where kids in different cities from around the world work to create their own news segments that are brought together as Tiny Huge News. A news show told by kids that re fl ects their visions of current events from their corner of the globe. Children will collaborate using their imaginations to creatively tell current news stories through performance. Much like a small theater show, children at our news booth work together to play different characters and scenes from news stories with props and costumes, encouraging storytelling, collaboration and exploration of creative performance. The project is envisioned as an international collaborative network between China, Germany and eventually other countries in the world, with a focus on bringing the workshop to children in need, and those who have experienced or are living through the events of news stories first hand. The produced segments from different places will be collated as a news broadcast that will be shared with all participants and kids around the world. News for kids as told by kids. 
(All the animations was made by VENI STUDIO  -  You can watch the new workshops in THN site).

We started doing the color palette and tests for the logo

And this is the final icon we chose.
Then, I had to draw all the necessary elements so that the children could make the news; elements of the human body, animals, buildings, cities, objects, spotlights, microphones, landscapes, clothes ... in each workshop, the children cut them out and paint them as they liked to be able to record the news. The first workshop was in Shangai (China) and the next one in Madrid (Spain).

Here you can see how they disguised themselves to give the news. Also as they created the backgrounds, decoration and objects they needed.

After the children recorded the news as they see it their way, we made a header to open and close the news. The animation was in charge of VENI.

And here, a short resume of the news that the children gave in the workshop in China. Soon we will be able to see those of Madrid, and those of the next workshops held in different cities. I hope you enjoy it as much as I doing this work. Thanks to all the children who participated in THN.