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    This is a educational project developed in Alisa Zamir Visual Communications 2 class at Pratt Institute Communication Design Master's Program. I … Read More
    This is a educational project developed in Alisa Zamir Visual Communications 2 class at Pratt Institute Communication Design Master's Program. I do not own any rights regarding the Museum name, identity or position. The official mission of the Museum of Sex is “to preserve and present the history, evolution, and cultural significance of human sexuality. In its exhibitions, programs and publications, The Museum of Sex is committed to open discourse and exchange, and to bringing to the public the best in current scholarship.” Critique of the existing visual identity: Although the design is coherent ,there are big missed opportunities regarding how creative can their stationary system be. Aside from the logo, there are not many graphic design items already produced. My Thoughts on the project: The Museum of Sex is controversial since it’s beginning when it was considered by the conservative audience as a “propagator of promiscuity”. One good way of exploring the Museum Identity is troughtout humor. The human feitiches and tabus are fun and part of the human nature in their essence. What’s not shown: I believe that the content of the design items must be full of humor and non-obvious jokes. I intent to avoid offensive imagery and explicit content. The success of this project depends on what’s “not” there: a unique, clever, always surprising exploration of the sexual imaginary. Target Audience Basically adults from all genres and sexual preferences. By rules, visitors must not be under 18. Apart from what it may seems, the museum also instigates elder’s curiosity. Project Goal: Bring Mosex to the top 5 most famous museums of NYC by creating a strong and playfull design identity that such an innovative organization deserves. The Museum of Sex is an innovative, controversial iniciative that intents to bring sexual tabus and behaviours to light and make people’s life less frustating with humor, modernity and naturallity. The goal of the museum is to be pop, modern, promote sexual freedom and education. The graphic design should reflect these directions. Read Less
The red pepper: an unusual, funny, indirect identifier sets the tone for the new identity. The red was chosen as the new institutional color because of it's relationship to the human body, it's visceral values, color of action and spiciness. 
The Business Card for the Rebranded Mosex would also be a condom holder. The concept behind this joke is to create awareness for the museum by providing the client everything he needs to be sexually active.
The stationary it's simple and modern. The museum pattern is on the back of the letter, and the interior of the envelope. A joky red pattern illustrates the back of important documents

Envelope + Invitation letter for events. The envelope comes in a shape of a bra. In order for the client to read the message, he needs to untie the envelope the same way he would do with a woman's underwear.
The entrance ticket for the museum can also become a "Do no disturb" sign. You simply de-attach the dashed square and put it on your door. Again, the concept is to bring the museum of sex into the client's sexual life.
The box is intended to be the recipient for presents and gifts bought on the Museum's gift shop. It has dozens of funny facts about sex written all over the place. It also is wrapped by a "fake" zipper printed in red.
The match box brings to life the famous saying.
The bag plays with it strings by creating a corset being dressed.
An easy to assemble 3-piece candy bowl for the gift shop.
All the printing material together. Consistency on the use of typography and specific graphic elements, humor and respect to the institutional colors.
Bus stop poster.
Clean, direct, objective website. Few text, easy to get information, very visual. Extra space to the exhibitions and events the museum is currently hosting. A photograph of a naked "Barbie" doll is mysteriously displayed on the back of the website, each section of the website shows a different part of the picture.
The entrances desks would have interactive projections that track the ticket officer and show a funny and nasty leg to create an playful illusion.
Bathroom signs, as well as all the signage of the museum would always have two interpretations.