Project:Portal - Low Cost Portable Extensible Computing
Start-Up Idea Plan
This is a Start-up company that I, along with my partner, plan to establish. This is the video and the presentation of the idea that won us the Tech Start-Up Plan Competition in SoftCom 13, a Technology Event.

We call our idea - Project:Portal - Low Cost Portable Extensible Computing. It's a concept similar to the "One Laptop Per Child", but much more cost-effective, affordable, practical and at the same time more powerful. It's custom built for the areas in Pakistan where children do not have access to even to a basic computer. It also aims to introduce programming languages to high school and university freshmen in a affordable yet easy, fun and meaningful way. The idea is based on the Raspberry Pi ® Computer, which is a credit-card size full-functional computer developed mainly for educational purposes.

I figured out that the best suited theme for such a presentation and a video would be an animation like the one on RSA Animations. This kept the video interesting, our flow of ideas smooth and streamlined, and kept the judges away from the misery of going thorough another Power Point presentation.

There are two different videos for which I sketched and animated the whole thing separately. The first one is a short cut-to-the chase video, with background narration outlining our idea. It's a short idea pitch. The second one is the original video that we used both in place of presentation slides before the judges, and introducing our idea in detail at other forums. The 20 Min duration is matched with the our actual presentation at the event. 
The idea hand-drawn on a digital tablet and animated
Model of the computer chip and details
A very simple easy to use slide-on cover
Render of the complete casing

Pi- Scope  : The Baseline Model
Pi - Slate : Energy Sustainable Portable Laptop Model
Big - Pi : Computing power housed inside the CRT Monitor

Canvas Zoom-out
Our University Monogram Animation

Place card