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    An A1 poster of all the winners of the Tour de France
I am a cycling enthusiast. Every year I watch the Tour de France on TV and have completed a number
of actual stages myself. This year, after Bradley Wiggins became the first Briton to win the Tour, I explored the nationalities of all the winners of the 99 races there have been in the Tour's 110 year history. I was intrigued to find out how many riders have won the Tour (it turns out that only 53 riders have worn the yellow jersey), how many different nations are they from and how had the French, in particular, fared in the race they consider their own. The infographic shows the results of all 99 races. The challenge was to fit all the information in a readable form on to a manageable sized format, and to represent it in a way that the viewer could take information from it at both a high level and on closer inspection. I also had to deal with the changing nature of the data as during the design process Lance Armstrong was stripped of his 7 titles and those races were left without a winner. This led to a re-thinking of how to represent the drug scandal years of the Tour in a way that did not detract from the overall intention of the piece to celebrate the race.