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City identity Bila Tserkva city

Bila Tserkva city
Bila Tserkva is a modern Ukrainian city nicely combining ancient traditions and advanced ideas
of XXI century megapolis. Comparative proximity (only 80km) to the capital on one hand allows
to catch up with modern trends, but on the other hand to view some processes from the distance. This is why the city development strategy lies in supporting educational and cultural programs. Generally speaking Bila Tserkva in future is a combination of campus and open-air museum. Naturally such an ambitious city needs a modern logo representing all hopes and perspectives, building positive perception by tourists and spreading the knowledge all over the world.

Task: show advantages of the city to investors and guests, express craving to development and changes for the better. Deliver emotional message that Bila Tserkva is a modern, youth and dynamic city.

Solution: Custom typographics creates conditions for the logo to work contrasted with the main element and to be distinctive. The font was developed for five languages. Lettering was made quite static to support playful mood of the map sign. Despite the statics letters are smooth and soft emphasizing historic will, firmness of our language and its melody at the same time. Dynamic element – the map – is easily applied to all elements of corporate style. Multiple color combinations induce positive emotions and wake feelings.
In general the Bila Tserkva identity is literally screaming about how bright and hospitable our
people is.

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City identity Bila Tserkva city

City identity Bila Tserkva city

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