Several ads and one-off campaigns for Bank Aljazira, a leading bank in Saudi Arabia.
Work consists of photography, image manipulation, CGI and of course art direction.

Concept & Art Direction: Kenan Abdulghani 
Caption: Your Phone is Waiting
Caption: SR30,000 for your Furniture Finance
Caption: Your Building Buys itself
Caption: Your Buildings Gets you Another Building
Caption: Zero Percent Profit on Educational Finance
Caption: Enjoy More Purchases with More Cash
Caption: A Credit Card that Gives You More
Caption: All doors closed in your face due to the lack of cash?
Transfer your loan to Bank Aljazira
Caption: We brought you the bank
Use online banking and win BIG

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Banking Ads


Banking Ads

Several banking and one-off campaigns for Bank Aljazira, a leading Saudi Bank. Products vary from personal loan to educational finances