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I wrote the following text as a part of a project that I'm working on for a company called Minoxidil 2 U.

The idea was to first of all match the competitors at the top of Google but also to add some value to the website by showing people that the product was actually discovered by accident which I thought was an interesting quirk.

Did You Know That Minoxidil Was Discovered By Accident?
Rogaine (Minoxidil), unlike it’s current form of foam or liquid was actually originally created by Guinter Kahn (ref: Business Insider) in a tablet form and was intended as a drug for high blood pressure. However, during tests Doctors noticed that people taking this tablet seemed to grow new hair follicles and so the investigation took a new turn.
Minoxidil was the very first FDA approved treatment for male pattern baldness for both men & women.
Minoxidil requires no prescription and is an approved treatment for alopecia (hair loss).
Minoxidil is available in different strengths of 2% and 5%
It comes in either a liquid or foam and can be bought in different quantities.
It is recommend that women use the 2% version of Minoxidil because the manufacturers of Minoxidil have not yet received FDA approval for promoting 5% minoxidil or minoxidil extra strength for use by women.
Kirkland Minoxidil / Rogaine works in almost 9 out 10 people within 2 months, some up to 4 months.
It works for people experiencing either thinning of their hair for the first time or for people with baldness."

In addition to this I've also tried to address a few questions that I found out that people were asking regarding the product, I've written up a blog post to hopefully answer these questions:

I've tried to look at this from an objective perspective and included some of the research that went into finding out if the product does actually work (it does by the way).

Another question that get's asked quite a lot, I've addressed this here in this post.

This is the biggy, Minoxidil is currently leading the way without the need for surgery, check the post to see what I mean.