A happy festive gift box that called“Nian Zai Yi Qi”





A happy festive gift box that called“Nian Zai Yi Qi”

The happy festive gift box of YOULIYOUJIE™ which called“Nian Zai Yi Qi”is inspired by the Spring Festival Market,which through the classic scroll illustration creation techniques, putting traditional memory and modern life in series with the great new life of contemporary people.When you open it, it seems as if you have entered a happy and festive "Spring Festival Market".

It contains 3 sections.
“Ji Huan Xi” New Year couplets set
The New Year couplets set are based on the lively Spring Festival Market,and blend into a variety of elements with strong urban and Spring Festival flavors.Such as people, horses, shops, traditional practices, art performances, etc., It through ancient and modern, lifelike, elegant people and ordinary people can appreciate it

“Qi Huan Qing “New Year's Eve red package
We are inspired by New Year's dinner and extend six happy scenes of sharing family happiness ,such as "He Huan dinner", "Tu Su wine" and "Ji Xiang fruit"and so on.,And on this basis, created 6 big red envelopes,and one set have 12 pieces.We also extracted the lion dance, theater, firecrackers and other New Year elements, with the new illustrator way to create 6 small red envelopes,and one set have 12 pieces.

“Ju Huan Yan”festive board game set
It combined with couplet elements, we created two sets of board games that called “Ji Shi Xing Le map”,and it could be used for two-four people to playing games,and the game set up a variety of funny fun interactive games, which can make participants feeling more happy.