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Types of Foods That Can Cause Cavities
When it comes to oral health and overall health, treatment always comes at the second priority. First thing always to be taken into consideration is the prevention. And preventive treatment includes everything we do in our daily lives, including foods that we eat on daily basis. Therefore, whether we would stay healthy or we will suffer from health conditions like heart disease, obesity, diabetes and cavities is hugely dependent on what we eat.

Now, we all know how bad the food remnants can be when they stick with the teeth surface and cause the bacteria to have their foods. As a result, they release acid which makes plaque to turn into tartar. It further infects the teeth as the enamel is eaten away. This is what we call tooth decay. Tooth decay leads to cavities. The cavities need to be filled otherwise they can cause other serious health infections.

The cavities are hard to avoid. No one can make ensure total prevention. But there are some food types which are known to cause cavities. If you want to reduce your chances of having cavities, you can avoid these food types.
Sticky foods
There is no rocket science to understand the connection between tooth decay and the habit of eating sticky foods. These foods stick with the teeth and provide breeding ground for the bacteria which can cause plaque, tooth decay and cavities. You can reduce the chances to have cavities by avoiding these foods.
Foods filled with Sugar and carbohydrates
Sugar and carbohydrates are favorite sources of sustenance for bacteria. Hence, when you eat rice and potatoes, you give bacteria in your mouth a big chance to crank up their activity. As a result of this activity, the acid is produced. This is the aid which can destroy tooth enamel. Same is the case with sugar filled foods. Therefore, if you eat foods filled with sugar and carbohydrates, make sure that you brush your teeth after meal. That will help you wash away the food remnants.
Foods with acids
When you eat acidic foods, you essentially reduce the job of bacteria by doing it yourself. Acids in some foods are so strong that they can directly affect tooth enamel. While acids in organic foods are not that strong, you should strictly avoid processed foods which are known to have bigger amount of acids in their composition. Hence, the beverages like cola and alcoholic drinks should strictly be avoided at all costs. You should take care of your oral hygiene even after eating the organic acidic foods. Although, there are a lot of health benefits related to those organic acidic foods, the oral health part is what you need to take care of by yourself.