Illustration of Chinese new year dinner
Hi, Folks, here is a illustration I did recently, it's about Chinese new year dinner.

The food  in the image are typical Chinese food such as braised pork in brown sauce, spring rolls, crabs, dumplings and so on. In order to make it more interesting, I add a lots kids in the picture, and each of them has different stories, 2 kids are fighting for a spring roll, some kids are have a soup spa, some are carry one big dumplings to get out, some are sleeping may because tasted the liquor and so on.

I also add a lots clouds, one reason is to make it feels more like a ancient fairy tales or like a sweet dream. The other reason is to make more layering. Hope you like it. 

Pls feel free to leave any suggestions or comments. Thank you very much!
Here is the rough process how I made it:
1, conception of the sketch, get inspired from some Chinese food images.
2, starting to color the kids. All kids clothes are using the same 3 colors.
3, Coloring the rest elements. All colors used are a bit low saturation, to make the whole picture more harmonious. 
4,Drawing all the details, such as highlights and shadows.
5, Adding a texture layer, the texture are more like some an ancient yellow paper. then done !