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    Ride with Germany's No.1 Engine Oil - New Ad to promote Liqui Moly's motorcycle engine oil
The main goal of this project was to promote Liqui Moly's Engine Oil that protects the engine, enhances performance and improves longevity of the engine. Tests have shown that after using the oil, one can literally feel the difference in performance. The bike suddenly feels more powerful and also runs smoother.

We chose to go with a stormy and dark background and quite a bit of black in this ad to portrait a mean but yet powerful overall look. The falcon which is the world's fastest bird (in Japanese Hayabusa) accompanies the bike and serves as a protector and also demonstrates the high speed of the motorbike.

The colors of the bike allow the viewers to easily make the connection to the Liqui Moly brand as well. Some effects like the light beams behind the bike and the breaking asphalt have been added to show the drastic acceleration and speed of the bike.