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Visiting Clouds Hill VR tour

"Visiting Clouds Hill" is a Three js / A-frame based web experience

The purpose is to experience the vintage recording studio "Clouds Hill Recordings" as if you were there. That includes visuals as well as the spatial 7.0 surround sound that reacts to the head / mouse / touch movement.

It runs on most devices and browsers
(desktop PC: Windows & OSX / smartphones - Android & iOS / Rift / Vive / Cardboard ...)
a fast & stable internet connection is required to run it smoothly.
The newer the hardware, the better.
Headphones recommended.


production: 747studios
programming support by 747studios
visuals and postproduction: nonstoprevolutionmedia & 747studios
audio recording & processing: Elbstudios
UI concept by Philipp Mooren
UI programming by finekost
core programming: Karol Majeran / arapps3d

main frameworks that were used:

index page

spatial 7.0 surround sound: best experience with headphones

the guided tour will lead you through a recording session with these instruments:
[intro] -> guitar -> piano -> drums -> cello -> mix room
works with smartphones, tablets (Android & iOS) & desktop pc & laptop (Windows & OSX)
(exception: Android Firefox)
works with Cardboard & similar VR goggles on mobile devices (Android: Chrome recommended) | Rift & Vive on Windows desktop (Windows: Firefox recommended) (gaze controls)
(exceptions: Mac PCs with OSX & desktop PCs with Windows Chrome)

free tour ui in vr mode

short clip to show the usage of the tour

"making of" video by Sound on Sound magazine
Visiting Clouds Hill VR tour

Visiting Clouds Hill VR tour

Visiting Clouds Hill Visiting Clouds Hill is a Three js / A-frame based web experience