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    Scent bar interior project. Year 2011
Luxury perfumes are mass-produced and sold in supermarkets where ads are trying to deceive you saying that they are unique, even though their "unique" fragrance are used by millions of people around the world.

Scent/perfume bar gives a new perfume sense. This is the place where you can spend some time and discover your individual fragrances. People can create their own perfume with a large choice of scents. It's not just like another boring shopping, it's a participation in production. You can refill your previously created fragrances or get a already prepared one and examine all used odors individually.
Equipment -
                    bar-type counter, another counter (with storage shelves), chairs, built into the wall shelves.
1 - Storage space with built-in sink
2 - Main counter/reception
3 - Customer service place
4 - Shelves for all individual scents
5 - Storage space with built-in sink
6 - Ready-made perfume shelves
7 - Counter for scents that were used in ready-made perfumes