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    Space Tourism
XLDron "M" Gravity, Space Tourism

A few years ago talk about -Space Tourism-, were part of Science Fiction. Today the possibility to "reach" the border between earth and space for merely "adventurers" who are looking for new sensations, 
people who are not strictly professionals (astronauts), now they have a feasible possibility to do it, thanks to private Space projects. The new technologies and development of new materials (for example), 
are doing possible this with greater efficiency and reducing expenses.
XLDron “M” Gravity
This is a concept of future's Space Tourism crafts, thought and designed so, that in  a not too distant future, potentials "Space Tourists" see fulfilled his dream of “reach”... the "outer Space" in an awesome trip.
The XLDron "M" Gravity, would consist of two independent vehicles; an unmanned aircraft named XLDron (like a "shuttle") , that carry docked  a rocket-plane named "M" Gravity (The "M" Gravity 
could carry two crewmembers and fifteen Space Tourists).
The XLDron unmanned aircraft, would be like a "Sky Surfboard", equipped with three turbojet engines and a structure of resistant composite materials of ultra-low density, capable of carrying up the 
"M" Gravity or "Space Surfer" at an altitude of 65,000 ft. and reaching a speed of Mach 1,2;  in this phase the two vehicles are detached, the "M" Gravity ignite its rocket's engine until reach an 
altitude of 100km. (Micro-g environment), remaining a few minutes experimenting Zero-G sensations, and then... return to base in a glider flight.

Maybe, could be a great alliance...