This project is all about what Britishness means to you. To me before I moved to UK few years ago was all about tea and great talented people who live there and influence a world with they great talent. Ironically while researching this topic more I found a work of great British photographer David Bailey. I instantly was inspired by his amazing photography just the way he took the photos and that retro look.
So the first piece you will see is one of the David's photography transferred in to Illustration.

Olivija Ple
Agata Ščiučkaitė
Dovilė Šabrinskaitė
Two my pieces for chosen for college exhibition "Online.Offline" Quite proud of work and looks great at poster size print.
Also special thank you for  my models who helped me with the project: Dovile Sabrinskaite, Olivija Ple and Agata Sciuckaite