From 7th to 8th June we (Density Design) were at Frontiers of Interaction conference, and our application
visualized the live twitter stream about the hashtag #foi12.

Our aim was to visualize the twitter discussion with simple rules, and simple shapes. Despite its visual simplicity, the application has a very complex set of rules to manage both the shapes and the texts, avoiding overlapping and optimizing for readability.

So, few words to explain what those sci-fi polygons going around on the screen mean.
Each user is visualized as a polygon, the vertices number is equal to the posted tweets using the conference hashtag.

User slowly moves away from the center of the screen. If a user post a new tweet about#foi12, it will return at the center of the screen, gaining a new vertex.
The application has been created by Valerio Pellegrini, Robin de Mourat and Michele Mauri, and has been also used for TED Conference in Beirut (Unesco Palace).
Special thanks goes to Stefania Guerra for her preliminary work collecting and analyzing case histories

Proposals for possible data aggregations: HASHTAG, TIMELINE, PLACES.