Behind the Scenes
WVU Magazine
Fall 2017
The cover for this issues was a composite of three different images. I wanted to capture the warm colors and atmospheric feel of the sunrise while keeping the campus buildings sharply in focus.
Feature: Forward Facing
This story is about the changes WVU has made following many events of student misconduct in 2014. In the Fall 2014 issue of WVU Magazine, a feature story detailed the University's immediate response to these events. This story follows a similar approach visually, with photos of students in motion on campus. Only this time, the images are in color. The bold arrow graphics indicate the strength and forward direction of the University, while the black lines create a serious, grounded tone.
Feature: Marked, Unmarked, Remembered
This story features photos from the book, Marked, Unmarked, Remembered: A Geography of American Memory, published by WVU Press. The book is broken into three sections—Marked, Unmarked, Remembered—so I created a system to indicate which section the photos fall under. In the upper left corner, a red bar and red text indicate the appropriate section.
Feature: An Expected Crisis
This story about the teacher shortage in West Virginia, and the rest of the United States, has the visual feel of being inside a school building. The photos make this explicit, but the colors and fonts also call to mind the posters, maps, and signage one might see in a classroom.