Depletion of the non-renewable resources in 21st century, increasing air pollution and traffic problems of the major cities led us back to roots of the urban mobility. Bicycles are becoming an important mobility choice for the modern day human once more; and with tihe increasing awareness to ecological lifestyle; modern electrical bikes became a good choice for the people.

VELOSPHERE E-BIKE designed as an urban bike for today's people who lives in cities; sleekness of a road bike and the durability of a mountain bike fused together for a bike frame. All the electrical systems are hidden for a touch to classic bikes' simplicity and beauty. Its colors snd forms are a nod to mediterranean sun; which is an important simulacrum for Solsonica brand(which organised the eco bike design contest 2012 with POLI Design and Milano Polytechnic University)

VELOSPHERE's e-bike design is mainly mine; while it's tent system is a combine design of Sinan YAŞAR and me both.

VELOSPHERE designed for 2012 Eco Bike Design Contest by Solsonica Brand; POLI Design and Milano Polytechnic University.
An Advertisement Poster from the same idea of KISKA's Opel Rad-E
First Image of the VELOSPHERE
Model with the Solsonica Branding

VELOSPHERE's batteries contained at rear wheel's rim. Metal rim at the center of the wheel connects batteries with the electric engine and electrical module system. Batteries are easy-detachable; user only needs to open reflector part on the rim to take out bike's batteries. Every battery has the same shape, so it's easy to produce due to molding etc. and costs lowly.

VELOSPHERE's tent attaches easily to main body through bike's groupset. At the right side of the groupset; there is a connection plug which bonds photovoltaic panels to bike's electrical module inside.

VELOSPHERE's tent is a different idea for everyday user. It's form designed to protect aluminium frame; which is the most important part of a bike. It's elliptic shape covers whole bike; and polymeric filmed photovoltaic panels on the tent can charge whole day without losing the movement of sun rays. narrow dimensions of the tent is not only suitable for containment in gardens or such; but also favorable in apartment flats in cities; which is an important hosing system for the modern day people.

When the VELOSPHERE's tent is all open; it can charge tihe bike's batteries efficiently at every hour of the daytime with its massive panel area. Elliptical form of the tent covers the most important parts of the bike and gives an spacecraft's advanced image to people. Tent's main body on the groupset and the form of the structural rods is a nod to mediterranean sun and sunrays(which are the main energy source of the VELOSPHERE; and also a nod to sun's importance for life.)
Velosphere E-Bike