We dance, and each of us gives our alphabet to the world. Our individual myths dance their essence from forgotten times. We have found a matrix of urban myths and outclassed its mechanical structure.

We are the architects of the fluid world and an element of humanistic geometry. By the explosion of unrestrained will we sometimes turning the mountains over. The thirst for knowledge of the real world guides us. Nothing has any limits. Anything is alive.

A living system arises and appears constantly, cherishes its orderliness and spontaneity, feeling, hearing its pattern of illumination and dazzling, naturally reproduces this rhythm in space. The intricate pattern proceeds like a tune.

One flows to the other. Everything is tied to the internal, anxious ear. Everything is different – one is the whole. Listen to the whispers of the inner forest and the echoes of the common roots? Nature has already learned its lessons, so everything is happening on time.

On time is where you are. This is where every future - the past, and therefore, in the sum of its signs - is present. The infinite variety of time and space, the eternal resonance of meaning, the senses that vibrates and fluctuate, excluding the definition of "post", because the information on the network does not have a direction from and to, everything is important.

We dance together, dense lace of words, dreams and days. We are resonating, intermittently weaving. Simply close your eyes, dance and realize - nothing is complicated. Everything will heal because everything is alive. And all living things are always healed.