TEDxWomen: last December was the launch of the
first TEDx events only for women and it was the first of
this kind, it was sponsored by Patch Mitchell, the event
aimed at highlighting consideration of women through different
initiatives adopted by Mitchell, as well as thought, innovation and
competition of creative ideas and creativity itself . 70 women-speakers came from
26 countries,one of them was Hilary Clinton participated in this event.


TEDxElRamlWomen (SET ELKOL): is the first TEDx Women initiative in Egypt, this initiative includes a group of spokeswoman presenting their ideas in various fields such as, academic , social, business and commerce, technology and science. The initiative aims at bringing women-as audiences- from different ages with different experience between 15-50 years old in order to reach diversity in exchanging ideas and experience.

ست الكل  (SET ELKOL) is an Arabic expression for a good woman means "The princess of everybody",
the logo is illustration work for this slogan with Streamline red ribbon represent the word "ست - woman or princess" containing the word "الكل - all or everybody" which mean that woman - (mother/sister/ wife/ ...) - Huging and containing every one and every thing with her care and love.
Arabic calligraphy for "الكل" word made by Eduard Dimasov