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    Love is um...a lot of things
Something I wrote on 1/18/04:

Love is, um, that feeling when I get some new shoes without no gum, on the bottom. No scuffs, ain't worn in so it's hard to run. But really, love is um, that feeling when your near and we um, connect ears and tongue, um...in a convo, but beyond though it's a lot more to it, many times at times we all can overdo it. Love is um, more than swapping fluid, going out, dates, gifts and all the shopping to it.

Love is uh, um, when an outline of a physical form takes shape, changes heart rate, then ya torn, when that person ain't ya baby. Love ain't a maybe, it ain't marriage forced when ya got a baby, on ya hands, in ya stomach. It ain't a man, lady, it's what you get from it. It can be hard to stomach, when it's all done with, shouldn't be hard to stand, it's nothing you can plan, man, steer, drive. Can't sit on ya rear and expect it to thrive.

Love is um, when the sums, bankroll, your friends calling dumb, don't matter cuz it would hurt badder to run from. Love is forgiveness when you done something. Love ain't artificial, can't be spun, but what a tangled web we weave when we love one. Or perhaps two. Or lust do what love did the first time, after you ran game with your first line, and got your first digits, when you got your first dump and felt like a midget.

Love ain't a um, it's definite, certain, love is when the window to your soul ain't got a curtain. Love is hurting, it ain't a church and whatever a preacher say, it's a creatures prey. A playas tool, so it's easy to see "why do fools". It don't got rules, it can turn to war. More than most took it in school, in between classes, writing on college ruled, to get between asses. Or was that lust? But some found trust, or the version that was tough. and the serving was rough.

And love is um, when a lone person feels their is another, that understands em' better and calls em' their lover. Love ain't always behind that barrier of rubber, that you use to get in one another. Sometimes other letters hide behind L.O.V.E. like H.I.V. or S.T.D. That's what comes from looking for birds thats not D.O.V.E. Love is um, a run on sentence like 3 life terms, can't be explained or taught, can only be learned. Love is more than what was said or what can be. More then lines in 6 notebooks, it's very lengthy.

Love makes you feel half full, not half empty, but at times it felt of love, more than half left me. Love is when you breathe, til' you exhale, waiting for the next one that'll make you inhale. Love is real. Love is what your trying to find but run from, even in losing it you won some. But no matter where you come from, you asked the question, and I bet you'll say love's um.