A curious group of thinkers.

Even though Codetribe is operating in a very crowded place when it comes to software development and outsourcing and this part of Serbia and Europe, they are not your average, run-of-the-mill development shop.

Instead of positioning themselves in this market via low pricing and headcount, they chose to become a true partner to their — mostly western world based — clients.
Previously known as Codemind, the founders Ivan and Lazar decided to hire us for a complete rebranding, where we worked closely with them in order to come up with a new name and visual identity, as well as a brand new website.

During this process we found it particularly challenging to create something truly different and unique in terms of how a development company should be represented in a visual sense.

While the founders suggested “Codetribe” as a name they felt intensely connected with, as well as the whole “tribe” concept, we initially had our reservations as we didn't think the classic “tribe” visuals would serve a software development company too well.
As the design process went on we came up with a logo concept that incorporated their craft — which is programming — with the tribe concept.

We agreed that a modern, young software company such as theirs shouldn't actually look like and Indian tribe, so we took the concepts of togetherness, unity, and companionship in order to emphasize the “tribe” concept, and relied on modern, contemporary visuals.

In the case of their new website, this is especially visible in the scroll-based animation.