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1028 Ultimate Ex Eyeliner 《1028終極抗暈人魚眼線液》
1028 Ultimate Ex Eyeliner 《1028終極抗暈人魚眼線液》
CRAFLUX made a promotional video for the famous cosmetic brand - 1028. We created an unique and elegant fantasy atmosphere for their 1028 Ultimate Ex Eyeliner to visually convey the three main features of this product: Ultra Black, Ease of Application, and Smudge Proof. This helps 1028 fans understand the new Ultimate Ex Eyeliner's features.
Besides the elegant fantasy style, we also designed another concept, a glamorous under water atmosphere to represent another side of the beauty achieved by the Ultimate Ex Eyeliner.

CRAFLUX為知名美妝品牌1028製作此次的宣傳影片, 希望以一種優雅的夢幻感來營造1028的新商品- 終極抗暈人魚眼線液的氛圍, 並將該產品的三大特點極濃烈, 大膽畫, 不掉黑, 以視覺的方式呈出來, 讓喜愛1028的朋友們能更瞭解新產品的特色
除了此次的優雅夢幻感的影片概念之外, 我們還特別設計了另一個概念方向,以華麗水感的誘惑力概念來呈現不同面貌的終極抗暈人魚眼線液
STYLE FRAMES - "Elegant Fantasy"
STYLE FRAMES -  “Underwater Glamour ”

Client: 1028
Directed: CRAFLUX
Creatives : Angela Lin, Stanley Hsu, Wendy Luo, 阿潔, Skazami
Copywriter: Stanley Hsu

Production Company: CRAFLUX
Creative Director / Designer: Skazami
Creative Director / Designer: Jeffrey Cheng (Concept: Underwater Glamour)
Storyboard Artist : Wang Yang
3D Artist : Skazami, Wang Yang
2D Animator : Skazami, Wang Yang, Nickolas Lai

Live Action:
On Set Art/Lighting Director : Genie Chen
Director of Photography: Skazami
Art Assistant :Wang Yang
Makeup Artist / Brush Drawing : Stanley Hsu
Skin Model : Helen

Music / Sound Design: Iris Chen
V.O: 歐陽年年
Recording Studio : 大河錄音室
1028 Ultimate Ex Eyeliner 《1028終極抗暈人魚眼線液》

1028 Ultimate Ex Eyeliner 《1028終極抗暈人魚眼線液》

An elegant style for famous cosmetic brand at Taiwan - 1028 Cosmetic
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