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The posters in this series have different approaches regarding the subject matter but what they have in common is the cynical character and the entertaining feature.     
The basic idea of this poster was to break from these sorts of advertising cliches by adding a new element such as the african woman`s head that change the initial meaning. Also this poster emphasize the ambivalent
worlds: the afican woman`s  world of poverty that seems to be significantly marked by her own culture in opposition with  consumerist society`s world of abundance that advertises these expensive perfumes.
The irony consists in her statement. 
The key of this poster are the cleaning products that have gained an important place in media advertising. These products have an important role in addition to being useful in the household, their role is to brainwash the target audience, namely housewives obssesed with cleaning.  
This is a poster for a play called ,,Waiting for Godot'' by Samuel Beckett. The typography is arranged in the shape of a man sitting on the chair in a reflexive posture. The man becomes more visible if you keep your eyes shut while looking at the poster. 
In this illustration we have a conversation between fact who was interpreted by real animals and fiction who was interpreted by the mythological creature. The irony consist in the fact that they are all hanging on the wall so that in metaphorical terms , fiction has become part of reality.
The aries is clearly upset with the joyful spirit of the unicorn.  
This poster captures the essence of a nation where most people are careless. While the man urinates carelessly on the wall, the dripping fluid is shaping the image of Romania on the asphalt . What a shame!
This poster looks like an advert for Prada. Prada is the key word, in Romanian meaning prey.  So it is not hard to guess who is the pray and who benefits from the advantages of this luxurious life. 
This poster is an invitation to join a Jazz concert in the street. That`s the reason why the shutter takes the form of a piano.
In this typography project, letters represent anatomical organs from human body. The translation from French to English of the text would be: ,, A phenomenon in the body is due without doubt to an explanation.'' The key of the poster represents the letter ,,O'' at the end of the text that is having the shape of a fetus. So the existence of this fetus is due without doubt to an explanation.
This poster captures the essence of a country that was a Communist one for more than 40 years. In the image we have the most  significant leader associated with the Communism, the dictator, Nicolae Ceauşescu. His nickname was Ceaşcă, in translation Cup, so that`s why he is placed in a cup in a very relaxed posture wishing everybody only his best regards.
This was a typographic experiment. The message is very simple: You are my pain killer!. In the background you can distinguish the package of some drugs.