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En la Superficie de la Arena (On the Surface of the Sand) -

En la Superficie de la Arena is a self-management platform for emerging mexican students and designers, which seeks to present and propose a new identity of young design in Jalisco, México through exploration, conception and research. 
About the collection 20º 34 '00 "N 103º 30' 35" O: 

Ordinary perception becomes the latent inspiration of some designers. 
The stimuli such as sight, touch, hearing, smell, among others, are impregnated in the brain. From this point, a series of connections and internal conversations are generated. Kenya Hara describes it as the "Architecture of Information"

In the exhibition titled:  20º 34 '00 "N 103º 30' 35" O; six designers explore the influence of context through the materialisation of objects, which, by their conception acquire an endemic character, and translate it into a new discourse and local aesthetics. 

Jalisco is the coordinate that places us on the geographical map of Mexico, a state rich in tradition, technique and culture.
Filos by Omar Avilez.

The complex evolution of form has defined its use within society. An object full of history, power, function and abundance: The knife. 
Filos is a collection of seven knives inspired by the transition that the edge of the blade has acquired over the years. 

The visual semantics of each variation determines its personality and work, placing the user as an interpreter of its history.

Don by Mariana Peiro.

Don translates into:
A.Talent or special ability that a person possesses and stands out from others. 
B. Respect or courtesy treatment that precedes the given names. 

The collaboration with local manufacturers supports the personal and geographical relationship that I use for the present collection of products. 

Don Teo, Daniel, Francisco and Guadalupe have in common their distinguished mastery, their firm loyalty to their discipline and their absolute commitment to the use of legendary techniques and tools. Current design in the context of its context. Design as a tool reveals a deep understanding of its qualities, the quest to preserve its trade by means of a transition, from the traditional to the contemporary.
Canelo by Santiago Vega.

In the creation of the traditional "Botellon" ( Mexican Clay Bottle), the craftsman uses only two half spheres and a cylinder to create it.

The so-called "mushroom molds" copy the internal shape of the piece and delimit the geometry. Canelo proposes a formal exploration based on a limitation, using only the two geometries mentioned above. Deconstruct the bottle to generate new types of product that respect traditional methods and systems. From this, the project seeks to diversify the production of clay artisans in a local community called "El Rosario, Tonalá"
Arquetipos by Luis Rodriguez.
This exercise seeks new explorations of materials and functions for objects that commonly inhabit our homes; taking the living room as a case study. Over the years, the formal and aesthetic aspect of these elements are attributes marked by trends, adopted from a great variety of brands around the world, which, as a result, give a generic and elaborate appearance.

The exploration and investigation are crucial aspects within the design, if we focus on the search of new materials or the reinterpretation of the already existing, we can propose alternatives not seen before that will provide new relationships and generate new stories.

Lagom Chair by Manuel Montoya.
Lagom is a Swedish life concept that represents - not much, not a little, but, enough - a middle point in the absolutism of things. 

This chair was designed under the Lagom concept and manufactured according to the carpentry processes of a Swedish cabinetmaker. It is a reflection of what can happen when a designer enters another culture and how it can affect personal and professional life. 
It also raises the existential question of the designer: Scandinavian design by a Mexican or Mexican design developed in Sweden? It is Mexican design with Scandinavian design virtues taking into account the two cultures. To understand where you come from, you have to go out and see everything from an outside perspective.
Materia by Eduardo Altamirano.
From subtractions, unions, super and juxtapositions, it is possible to present a relationship in a perceptual way, which in many cases can be imaginary, the lines of these criteria of interrelation, can disappear before us. 

The circle, cylinder, square and prism are just some of the primary geometries that englobe the exercise.The collection includes a candlestick and incense holder, a flower vase and a book holder. 
These sculptural objects pretend to live together and feed on the spaces granted. The idea behind it is to establish a formal exploration practice, which results in the materiality and composition of the object itself
20° 34' 00" N 103° 30' 35" O Exhibition

20° 34' 00" N 103° 30' 35" O Exhibition

En la Superficie de la Arena (On the Surface of the Arena) - En la Superficie de la Arena is a self-management platform for emerging mexican stu Read more
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