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    Visual development of an action-packed story, suitable for FPS or an sci-fi movie.
'Reload' is a personal project, a visual development of a post-apocalyptic sci-fi story, suitable for FPS or an action movie. If you are interested and to better understand the concepts, have a look at Timeline of Events and Plot Summary on my blog: click here
The main protagonist, a would-be 'Death Runner', currently AWOL, Jim Dover in action.
The far-most outpost of the Empire, East-9, situated on the eastern border of Neo-Berlin. A new delivery of war prisoners is about to arrive. The outpost is heavily fortified, with thick outer walls and almost fully mechanized, so the soldiers don't have to go out too often. Flying surveillance cameras patrol the grounds 24/7. The main purpose of East-9 is to send human transports into the infected zone using UAV (Unmanned Armored Vehicle), controlled remotely from the outpost.
Time to suit up. Nothing like borrowing a prototype of PowerSuit and taking it for a test drive. Perhaps as a stowaway in UAV?
Fortified wall, called by Death Runners 'New Berlin Wall', separates the wasteland and ruins of the outskirts from the central part of Neo-Berlin under control of the mutants. Not exactly a place for holidays. That's UAV's final stop, if it's not destroyed earlier by some rogue mutant packs. Once unloaded, most UAVs end up in the moss surrounding the wall or are being used for augmenting the wall itself.
Sometimes things just go bad. There is no shame in running your ass off, when you're about to get fried if a gang of Berserkers won't get you first.
Battle mech "Hammerdown" driven by Lich. Not exactly a pleasant combination. Avoid at all costs. In the event of meeting - destroy immediately, for example with 60mm 'Firestorm' machine gun from elevated position. It case of getting noticed... oh, well.
Occasionally, you have to set a trap and get on top of things to clearly state your intentions, like here, with T-30 'Hellraiser' gun with armor piercing bullets. Reapers tend to have thick skulls, so it's better to be safe than sorry. Watch your head!
Stay alive... It's not over yet...