• I lived in a favela in Rio de Janeiro called "Chapeu Mangueira" during 6 months.
    I started my reportage after 2 months, the time it took me to learn Portuguese and understand the languages ​​and codes of the favela. It was conducted in five favelas of Rio de Janeiro South: Vidigal, Rocinha, Chapeu Mangueira Cantagalo and the City of God.
    The objective of this work is to provide an overview of the inhabitants in photographing families in their environment. The contrast between domestic dwellings is often striking. Some live in extreme poverty, possessing almost nothing. Others are more affluent, although outside their house may seem totally dilapidated.
    The fact that they live and this project helped me understand how the image we have of favelas is distorted: the favela is not a slum, it is a real village, with its shops, schools and churches.