G2 eSports official website

G2 eSports (formerly Gamers2) is a collective of eSports teams, lead by a well known gamer Carlos “ocelote” Rodríguez Santiago.

Known for his aggressive and intense playing style, ocelote wanted to project his gaming style and characteristics onto his team's visual identity.

Design-Wise, this is reflected in the contrasting, bold color scheme, custom illustrations, and the specific typography used across the website.

While G2 eSports are working on growing their teams that compete in various games, we continue to collaborate on an ongoing basis when it comes to their website.

In 2017. we've gotten a chance to do some housekeeping around the site and update some sections in order to reflect the changes in the G2 organization, as now they have more teams, and more activities that they wanted to showcase on the website.

As they grow as an organization, we make sure their website grows with them and keeps serving its purpose adequately.