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    Design for my hometown's skatepark.
I had the luck to be part of my hometown's project for a new skatepark. The firm that was in charge of the project (Ingeniería Zarus) approached us and gave me total creative freedom within a budget of around 300.000€.

The concept was to create a street skatepark with enough obstacles for both beginners and expert skaters. Instead of falling into the trap of building ramps, bowls, halfpipes and other "eyecandy" stuff, we decided to stay loyal to street because it's the style Ronda has been skated for the past 10+ years.

Some difficulties in the process were designing the park in the narrow shape of the terrain given by the local government. I tried to avoid facing obstacles in an horizontal way so the skaters don't run into each other, so everything has been built around a vertical axis. Fighting for illumination and schedules amongst other things with the local government was as much as important as the design process.

The project is already executed and opened its doors around November 2013.
Architectural plans made by Ingeniería Zarus.