Tomskoe Pivo (Tomsk beer)
Design - Vizhu Design
Illustration - Kokorin Andrey
In creating the label we were inspired by vintage advertising models of past century newspapers and steampunk culture. «Harvester» is a magic harvester from the world of science fiction which collects wheat and brews beer immediately, wheat beer obviously. 
«Harvester» label design came out notable and really interesting.

Hereinafter there are key steps of label design:
These are initial sketches. Several concepts have been suggested: ranging from American traditional posters’ spirit of first half of the 20th century to blueprints of mad scientist-brewmaster, who dreams about inventing a magic brewing beer harvester. 
«Mad scientist drawing» path has been chosen. We’ve delineated future prototype of harvesting-brewing aggregate as a sketch of future artwork. 
We think things through and finalise the «Harvester» prototype. This illustration was taken as a basis and sent to several illustrators.
Direction for implementing future illustrations, example of trace drawing 
Development of a course  
Initial sketch implementation by illustrator. Used as the basis.
Alongside we elaborate primary inscription - the title.  We add steampunk manner to letters.
We demonstrate 3 versions of future label. 
Type designer draws the advertisement copy, which describes the advantages of new invention. Final makeup. Print-ready label. 
Finally the label embellishes a bottle. 
Trace drawing quality and the way they are typed satisfy your eyes.
We’ve even developed the logo of Design Bureau as if it was placed in the newspaper’s advertisement 
Details. Beverage tower and bottles are stored on special shelves along the cooking kettle.
Additionally we developed image  key visual  for integration of beer into the market. (photo is provided by client and thoroughly retouched)
«Harvester» label design for OAO «Tomskoye Pivo» was implemented in April 2017.
Harvester Weat Beer. Label Design.

Harvester Weat Beer. Label Design.

Harvester Weat Beer. Label Design. Tomskoe Pivo.


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