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    Digital design, composition and manipulation
Digital Composition & Design

Digital Composition and Design
Humorous take on apples products and technological advancements
Humorous statement on apples technology and it's advancements into the future.
"Barbie's Life - part 3"
2011 3 -piece collection

Edited in Photoshop
"Barbie's Life - part 2"
2011 3 -piece collection

Edited in Photoshop
"Barbie's Life - Part 1"
2011 3 -piece collection

Edited in Photoshop
Mutated Turtle Human
Creating a human mutant out of organic materials for University Assignment.
Photoshop CS5
Application of face tattoo on Photoshop
A collection of work involving digital imaging and design from university and personal use
Balloon Fountain
Displaying a Virtual World
Images Take on a Digital SLR then composed using Adobe Photoshop

Replicating a 2005 Sony Ad using Photoshop
Digital Composition to show a movement in time using Adobe Photoshop
A photo edited into a Na'vi from James Camerons Avatar using Photoshop