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    Identity for the Hungarian fashion and costume designer Klara Kalicz
Visual identity for Hungarian fashion and costume designer Klara Kalicz.

The assignment includes units such as: logotype, custom typeface, care labels, hang tags, lookbook, stationary.
My aim was to create a heavy and yet elegant expression of her identity that shows the brute force, the bestial nature and the female beauty, characterizing her works.
Logo concept:

The logo is formed by a scissor and her KK monogram. The kept to logo mark and logotype clean and moderate. They are usable for a great variety of communication materials including prints, textile labels, engraving into metal.
The additional typeface consists of cut shapes conveying a slightly morbid, rude and distinct atmosphere that Klara’s works have.

Clothes and styling: Klara Kalicz
Photo: Tamás Dobos
Hair: Travis Hairclub
Make-up: Laura Tégely
Modell: Laura Pfeiffer VM Model
Metal design: Janka Juhos JUJJ Jewellery
Print design: Dóri László Dorc
Graphic design: Zita Galántai
Photo assistant: Mátyás Gyuricza
Assistants: Dóra Murvai, Zsuzsanna Kurucz
Location: Flashback Studio