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    A faux Fleet Foxes poster that I made three dimensionally.
Final photo of entire image.
This shows the image as it would be seen printed in it's final version.  Since this is a three dimensional piece in real life, I need to photograph the image to be able to submit it for print.
Process shots.
This shows the progression of the piece as I built it.
Close up of the front text.
This shows the cut-out text more clearly.  These wind sections are actually glassine papers that are weaving through the trees.
Close up of the top section of the piece.
This shows how the wind went in and out of the trees.
This poster is the first time I've successfully made a 3D illustration that still really looks like my usual work.  It was a lot of fun to work with the new medium, and I expect to continue experimenting with 3D more in the future.