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Hella - IAA Cars 2017
HELLA is a company that develop and manufacture lighting technologiy and electronic products for the automobile industry. 
I was asked by digital agency to sell them the rights of five illustration i did for a personal project few month before named gone.
They asked me to adapt some concepts and redo all the illustrations as vector to be able to use it on big walls and screens for the IAA Cars 2017. One of the biggest automobile event in europe and world.

The main idea with the first illustration was to divide the city skyline in sections. One for each service the brand propose. All related to mobility. Then they created these four icons and asked me to emphasize the different sections with same colors. 
Here are some shots of the stand at the IAA 2017 event. The ground under the cars and all over the stand was full of sensors and led that interacted with the visitors when they walked around the car or touch it. I don't have many photos but here are few.
Hera are some screenshots of the vector illustrations. It was very interesting for me to adapt what i originally did with photoshop. I worked with Affinity designer which is a fantastic tool also because it's so easy to use and near of the photoshop interface too.
Here again i aded some screens of the vector shapes and also a work in progress
I used a color guide related to the for icons which symbolise the different services and technologies. They asked me to emphasize all the illustration with the color of the icon that was related to it. 
The fourth illustration with screens of the vectors. It was great for me to discover that i was able to redo everything i did in photoshop in vector. It was a great exercise and i learned a lot. Even if i am more fluent with photoshop to build very quickly my illustrations and concepts, i know that i am able to work pretty fast in vector too. Since i finish this project i worked on other ones directly with affinity and that was very cool.
here is the last illustration with some work in progress once again to gives you an idea of the technic is used. It really close to cutting paper technic that allowed me to have clean and crisp shapes. I am always trying to work more with painting technics and brushes but that's another story. I hope that i will able to share with you these new explorations soon.

Thank you !

Hella - IAA Cars 2017