I will make a retrospective vision of what I am up to, these days. When it is done, I'll upload a link to download it in high quality, for those who asked for it.
Print available
7.- Tadaaa.. finished work :D
6.- Once finished, a frind suggested to add some colours. I agree
5.- Like a year later, I decided to finish this piece. I started by covering the sketch
4.- tadaaa... the same but with more colors (2012)
At this point, I'm only giving some color to it. I hope it finishes this weekend. Stay tuned!
3.- Well.. a classical position may work...
2.- I decided to work only with the bride and the mummy.. playing a little with both images. I liked this one.. I think I will make some stuff with this style in the future.
did you notice that.. the mummy + the bride of frankenstein = the wolfman? :O!
 1.- First some speed sketches from some classic movie monsters. I chose bride of frankenstein, da mummy, dracula and 1910's Frankenstein (not included here). All made with bic pen on paper and the most of them in 15 min.
Elsa Lanchester - bride of frankenstein
boris karloff's Mummy