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    cultural olympics proposal for ICR London
Propuneri ICR Londra - Olimpiada Culturala
The proposition forthis project is based on a reevaluation of the way local values and traditionsare promoted, in order to reach the targeted public, throughout the new mediatools available. Reviewing the evolution of these means you can easily see thecontrast between the archaic nuances of the traditional values intended forpromotion and the evolution of technology itself.
Having as a startingpoint the athletic dominance given by the Summer Olympics, we look to establisha socio-cultural connection throughout the practice of sports and thusintroducing some basic notions about our national game, the Oina Game by usingmulti media means of communication and presenting these archaic notions in anew technological context.
The Oina Game is aRomanian traditional sport, similar in many ways to baseball.
Oina was firstmentioned during the rule of Vlaicu Vodă in 1364, when it spread all across Wallachia.
There are two teams of11 players, one attacking side or "at bat" and one defending side or"at catch". The roles switch at half time. The pitch is a rectangle,70m long by 32m wide.

The location selectedfor this project is situated in the Bloomsburyarea, particularly Coram’s Fields. Bloomsbury is an area of central London between Euston Road and Holborn, and is home to the British Museum, the Royal Academy of DramaticArt, and the British Medical Association. The focal point of our discussion inthe Coram's Fields recreation area, located east of Southampton Row/Woburn Place.
A second possibility isThe Millennium Way, located in the Greenwichpeninsula in South East London near the The O2 Arena, which is a multi-purposeindoor arena which will host during the 2012 Summer Olympics and Paralympics,the artistic gymnastics, trampoline, and basketballcompetitions.

The main purpose of ourinitiative is that of introducing our local values and traditions in relationwith the athletic context provided by the 2012 Summer Olympics and Paralympics,by presenting the related information in an advantageous location usingadvanced technology in order to promote and stimulate the interest of thepublic.
The athletic contextmotivates our choice of presenting our national sport The Oina game in a newand improved manner.
Relying on a structuralpre-determined and organic shaped field made of new textiles and combining newmedia technologies we propose a reduced-to-scale Oina field located in thecentral area of Bloomsbury, particularly Coram’s Fields, where passers by candiscover the rules of the game, interact and play in an updated environment.