Surface Magazine

Creative Director

My work at Surface Magazine was essentially a repositioning. Publisher Richard Klein was looking for someone to "take it to the next level" and I signed on with him just as my interim gig at Rolling Stone was ending. Editorial Director Laetitia Wolff and EIC Shai Rao both felt that the magazine lacked the flexibility to include a variety of content and coverage, and overall the structure left everyone, including advertisers a little confused as to what the mission of the magazine was. I was lucky to get Flore Bottaro to join as Art Director, her experience and European contacts were an invaluable resource, not to mention that she was a great AD and designer. We set about finding a way to update the design and the approach to the photography to make it feel a little more contemporary and authoritative and completed a redesign for issue 69. It was a very small staff, the budgets were diabolical, the goals lofty, but I had a number of opportunities to work beyond the traditional confines of the CD role overall an exciting experience.