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    We are Dreamers. We are Makers. We are Young&United.
In May, 2011, a school project and a vision for a better America was published
on Behance for the world to see. The eagerness to reunite America and the positive response that came from the Behance community had shed a new light on a whole new opportunity. Young&United could be more than an idea – more than a dream – Young&United could be a reality.

Over the last year, the youth has come together to create something truly
incredible for our country. Times may be challenging, but through hardships there
is an opportunity to come together and unite for America's rebuild. As artists, designers, developers, photographers, writers, musicians, and friends, we've come to together to show that a brighter future can be made in America.
Kickstarter Campaign Video. Go to the link below and help Young&United become a reality!
--> http://kck.st/Sr5j7e
We need to get back to what America is best at– making things right here in the US
at a quality that can't be beat. Over the last year, we've been working to do just that. We want to supply the American Dreamers of today and tomorrow with the highest quality, Made in America products to show that this generation is Young&United.
From men's and women's apparel, to leather-crafted goods, and pro-American artworks- everything is made right here in the US. Together we can spark a movement in US Manufacturing and set a standard for doing things right.

Men's & Women's Fashion – designed, stitched, and made in the Home of the Brave, USA.
Hand-Made leather crafted goods at a premium US-Made quality that you can always count on. All of our wallets are hand stitched out of Savannah, Ga by recent college graduate and industrial designer, Mika Becktor. Bracelets made in Atlanta, Ga by designers Sean Metcalf + Ben Lebovitz.
As young artists and designers, we have come together through a passion for creativity and loyalty to our country.
A growing collection served by Young&United artists and designers.
Design the movement and submit your United Works today.